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Safe Skies Utah

Safe Skies Utah represents a group of American citizens seeking a collaborative solution to safeguard hearing, cognitive and mental health from F35 noise levels from Hill Air Force Base while supporting Air Force operational readiness.

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Our mission is clear: unite concerned citizens, ignite change, and hold HAFB leadership and our elected representatives accountable for the detrimental effects of excessive noise from the new F-35’s stationed at HAFB.

Together, we can take action, reclaim tranquility, protect our health, and safeguard our environment. Join us to make a difference and create a quieter, healthier future for all!


Deafening decibels for Utahns.


pounds of fuel per hour of flight.


F-35 fighter jets with 2 embedded demo teams.


Operations annually makes HAFB one of the busiest AF bases.

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Utah residents in the counties surrounding Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) are concerned about the high noise levels produced by the base with the arrival of three squadrons of F-35’s and two embedded F-35 demo teams. With 78 F-35’s, arguably one of the loudest fighter jets in the military, in addition to the F-16, A-10C Thunderbolt, T-38 Talon and other jets, noise complaints are on the rise and people are angry. Every other base with stationed F35’s, even as few as 20, have sued due to noise issues.

The level of noise produced by all of the F-35 sorties is disruptive to everyday life, with some residents unable to sleep, work, or carry out normal activities due to the deafening sound.

The effects of excessive noise pollution extend beyond annoyance and have been shown to create serious health consequences including hearing loss, tinnitus, cardiovascular disease, sleep disturbance, and anxiety.

Davis and Weber County Citizens Ask:

Who Is Watching Out for Utah Citizens?

Layton Resident


The F-35's are like a jack hammer to the head. Period.

Layton Resident


The noise is deafening all day long. When I get caught outside and the F-35's fly over, I have to decide to cover my ears or my baby's ears. I have to stay inside with earplugs when it's "jetty" outside.

Syracuse Resident


After decades, I had to move my business. The noise from the new F-35's was literally making me crazy. There are too many jets!

South Weber Resident


I see the F-35's flying upside down and wonder if they prioritize safety or are just think they are playing Top Gun, particularly after the one that crashed. They are so loud!

Clearfield Resident


I have lived by the base for decades and have never experienced anything like this. I shop in other towns just to get some peace and quiet. I will never vote for another city or state leader who says this noise level is safe. It's not.

Riverdale Resident


I liked the base when it was just the F-16's. Now that the F-35's have arrived, the noise level is awful! I can see why every other community with F-35's has sued due to the sound. Count me in when Utah gets around to a lawsuit.